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Evertyhing about your projects, past, present, and future, in one place.

Netric will keep all your project data ultra organized for you so you can focus on working. All you project history will be saved for future reference if needed.

Stay on Top of Assigned Tasks

Work is represented as tasks, and in netric you can create tasks for yourself or assign them to others. When others complete a task you assigned, you will be notified making follow-up easier than ever.

Task List
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Less Email Clutter

Keep your communication focused and organized.

Have a question or comment about a task? Simply go to the task in netric and add a comment. The owner will receive a notification of the comment and can, with a single click, reply.

Take Your Projects With You

Work on your projects from anywhere at any time.

With netric your data is always accessible from just about any device. No longer will you have to email yourself tasks to be entered later, just open netric and add the task.

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Netric on all devices
Project Milestones

Break Big Projects Into Milestones

Set checkpoints throughout your project time-line to keep everyone moving in unison. Tasks and projects can be linked to specific milestones to help divide large projects and tasks-lists into smaller more manageable lists.

Upload & Share Documents & Files

Store all your project-related files and documents in the project rather than some shared folder somewhere on your network. This helps by keeping files contextualized to the project and makes it easy to access them from any internet device. In addition to files being uploaded to the project, attachments can also be added to cases, tasks, and discussions.

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Time tracking

Keep Track of Time

Keep track of exactly how much time is being spent on what tasks. One of the most frustrating things about run-away projects is that it can be very difficult to determine where things went wrong, or better yet, where they are going wrong so changes can be made as needed.

See What You Missed While You Were Away

Facebook like status updates for business

The social side of netric is like facebook for work. Users can post status updates to projects, links, content and members of the project can view and comment.

Activity feed of a project

Every project has it's own activity history so you can quicky catch up on and review what has been done and by who.

Notices for a user

Notices will be queued for you if anything is done that you probably want to see, review, or act upon. Simply clicking the notice will take you where you need to go.

Notices for a user

Automate Processes & Workflows

Netric's powerful workflow engine allows you to automate almost any process.

For example: say you would like a simple process set up that if a task is past due for more than 48 hours, than an email will be sent to the manager of that division. In Netric this would take only moments to set up with our workflow wizard.

Once you start automating, the possiblities are almost endless.

Build Your Team

Members can easily be invited to a project to fill any role or just to observe activity. Security and permissions can be set at the individual user level to assure the right people see the right information.

Invite Members
Security & Roles Dialog

Control Who Gets to See & Do What

Very simple but flexible permissions allow for controlling access to viewing, editing, or deleteing important data either by user or groups/roles.

By User

Control whether individual users can view, edit, or delete any object like a task, a file, or a support case.

By Groups/Roles

An easier approach is to make users part of one or more groups like "Development" or "Administrators", and then set the group level permissions for objects.

Customize Just About Anything

Don't like the way fields are ordered in the task entry form? No problem! Just customize it. Almost every aspect of netric is customizable.

You can even add additional fields if you would like to track something unique to your process.

Give netric CRM a test drive, it's free!
Create drag and drop forms

Used by thousands of people in organizations of all sizes

to manage projects both large and small.

Integrated Project Management

Netric is more than a project management solution, it is a tightly integrated suite of business tools allowing for one single location for all your team's important information.

  • Manage customers, service, and sales
  • Track projects and tasks
  • Communicate through email and instant messaging
  • Manage complex schedules with shared calendars
  • Upload and share files and documents in the cloud
  • Create a searchable documentation database
  • Publish and manage all your content for web and RSS
  • Store and review notes and personal information
  • Build your own intranet (no programmers needed)
The Netric Suite