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See how easy it is to build your own applications in just a few simple steps!

Build Custom Web-Applications

Step 1 - Create New Application

You can create as many applications as you like and they can be published to all your users, to a team, or to a specific user so people only see the applications they need to.

The process is really easy, just go to "Settings" > "Applications" and click "Add Application"

Create Objects

Step 2 - Define Your Data

Once your application has been created you can add any number of "Objects" to manage. We call anything that you would store, save, or work with in Netric an "object." For example: tasks, emails, projects, products, cases/tickets, customers, leads are all types of objects. An object has any number of "Properties" that it can store. For example, you can have an object called "Customer" with two properties: "First Name" and "Last Name" and adding those properties is really simple with our property wizard. You can even define drop-down values for the properties so it is super easy for users to enter data.

Drag and Drop Form Editor

Step 3 - Build Your Forms

This step is optional but highly recommended. Now that you have decided what kind of data you want to manage and created a few objects you can tell Netric how you would like users to visualize the editing of those objects. Our powerful form editor allows you to create a user interface by simply dragging and dropping properties onto a canvas. The best part is you can create different forms for different users, teams or mobile devices or just create a default view for everyone.

Publish Your Application

Step 4 - Publish & Use

Your application is fully functional and ready for deployment. You can select who you would like to use this application but setting the scope to system = everyone, user = only an individual, team=everyone in a specific team, or you can set it to system but control who can see data with the permissions. Once you are finished click "Save" and next time your users log in they will have access to your new web application!

Create Customized Forms

Making forms for users to interact with and enter data is as easy and dragging and dropping properties onto a canvas.

Custom WebForms

Common Interface

Netric includes many powerful and easy to use User Interface tools like object browsers, webforms, search/filter tools, multi-dimensional navigation all of which are at your disposal when designing your custom application.

Building your custom applicaiton on top of these tools makes user training easier than ever. Once users are accustomed to a common way of navigating data throughout netric, then it will become second nature to adapt to new applications and features.

Application Calendars

Manage time-based information by adding shared calendars to your application. These calendars can be associated to any objects and used to manage schedules, time slots and more.

Users can subscribe to the application calendar and even synchronize the calendar with their mobile device.

Shared Calendars
Custom Dashboards

Build Application Dashboards

Your custom application can include any number of default dashboards that can be used to summarize and publish information, display reports and more.