Messaging for Teams

Business Email, Instant Messaging, Status Updates & Walls, and Business Notifications

Messaging for Teams
Threaded Email

Business Email With a Twist

Netric email can be used to manage internal user-to-user communications, but can also serve as a complete email server solution for your organization.

If you already have an email server you can easily configure netric to synchronize with your existing solution to gain the benefits of remote access and business suite integration.

Having email integrated with your CRM and Project Manager makes it easy to process incoming messages and convert them to action items like tasks or attach them to customer accounts.

Instant Messaging for Teams

Instant messaging is one of the most effecient ways to collaborate either one-on-one or in groups.

Netric Chat allows any user to quickly connect with any other user in a non-disruptive way so focus is not disrupted.

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Team Chat
Comment on anything!

Don't Email, Comment

Email is great, but it's not always the best tool for the job.

Netric allows any user to comment on files, customers, tasks, projects and anything else you can think of. Those comments can be directed to specific users who will be notified and given the full context of the comment when they click the notification link.

Status Updates, Social Comments, & Activity Notifications

Facebook like status updates for business

The social side of netric is like facebook for work. Users can post status updates, links, content and others in the organization can see and comment.

Activity feed of a project

Every object (like a customer or project) has it's own activity history so you can quicky catch up on and review what has been done and by who.

Notices for a user

Notices will be queued for you if anything is done that you probably want to see, review, or act upon. Simply clicking the notice will take you where you need to go.