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CRM for Sales

CRM for Sales

Close more deals in less time.

CRM for Service

CRM for Service

Take care of existing customers.

CRM for Marketing

CRM for Marketing

Attract & manage new customers.

Contact Manager Form

Keep Customers & Accounts Organized

Everything about your customer in one place, including relationships, activities, cases, deals and attachments.

Powerful online contact management software that helps manage relationships between you and your customer, and also keeps track of their relationships to each other.

  • Stay on Top of Tasks & Activity
  • Collaborate With Other Users
  • Mobile Ready CRM
  • Easy to Use
  • Automate Sales & Service Workflows
  • Control User and Group Permissions
  • Customized for Your Needs
  • Extend Through Powerful APIs

Stay on Top of Tasks & Activity

Never again forget to follow-up with someone. Simple reminders, tasks, and calendar events help to keep track of all customer activities, past present and future.

Follow-up activity dialog
Comment on anything!

Collaborate With Other Users

Have a question about how a client meeting went? Simply go to the customer in netric and add a comment. The owner will receive a notification of the comment and can, with a single click, reply.

Keep your communication focused and organized by commenting on customers, leads, calendar events, sales opportunities and anything else.

Your Customers Go With You

Bring all your information with you at all times where ever you go.

With netric CRM your data is always accessible from just about any device. No longer will you have to print lead information or call back to the office to get contact info because all your tools can be accessed from the palm of your hand.

Give netric CRM a test drive, it's free!
Netric on all devices

Geting started is painless and users will love how easy netric is to learn.

Import Wizard

Use our powerful import wizard to import and easily map your existing data into netric.

Contact Support

Netric is famously easy to use, fast, and reliable. Tours throughout the applicaiton make adoption a breeze.

Notices for a user

If at any point you need human assistance, help from CRM experts is only a few clicks away.

Notices for a user

Automate Sales & Service Workflows

Netric's powerful workflow engine allows you to automate almost any process.

For example: say you would like a simple process set up that if a customer service case is not resolved in 48 hours, than an email will be sent to the manager of that division. In Netric this would take only moments to set up with our workflow wizard.

Once you start automating, the possiblities are almost endless.

Security & Roles Dialog

Manage Roles & Access Permissions

Very simple but flexible permissions allow for controlling access to viewing, editing, or deleteing important data either by user or groups/roles.

By User

Control whether individual users can view, edit, or delete any object like a customer/contact, a file, or a support case.

By Groups/Roles

An easier approach is to make users part of one or more groups like "Sales" or "Administrators", and then set the group level permissions for objects.

Tailored for a Custom Fit

Almost every aspect of netric CRM is customizable, from the forms of customers to the data you choose to track.

You can even build your own web application without having to know how to program anything.

Give netric CRM a test drive, it's free!
Create drag and drop forms
Netric API

Extend Away With the Netric API

Netric provides a number of options for interacting with objects outside the web application. This is handy for importing, exporting and manipulating almost anything in Netric. It also makes it easy to display content on websites. Below is a description of our API offerings along with some links to support documentation.

Used by thousands of people in organizations of all sizes

to work together on just about everything.

CRM with Benefits

Netric is more than CRM, it is a tightly integrated suite of business tools allowing for one single location for all your team's important information.

  • Manage customers, service, and sales.
  • Track projects and tasks
  • Communicate through email and instant messaging
  • Manage complex schedules with shared calendars
  • Upload and share files and documents in the cloud
  • Create a searchable documentation database
  • Publish and manage all your content for web and RSS
  • Store and review notes and personal information
  • Build your own intranet (no programmers needed)
The Netric Suite