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Take & Review Notes from Any Computer, Phone , or Tablet

Netric Notes is a simple but powerful way to collect notes on and remember anything that matters.

The need to access or create notes can strike at any time or place. It is important to record those fleeting valuable thoughts before they're lost forever.

Once you experience having your own searchable, tagged/grouped notes database then you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Access Your Notes from Any Device

Now we live in a connected age with the amazing convenience of all kinds of internet connected devices. Netric notes allows you to quickly add and access your notes from just about anything that has an internet connection.

Collection of all your notes into a single place keeps all your important information at your fingertips at any time.

Give netric a test drive, it's free!
Netric on all devices
Organize with groups!

Organize with Groups & Search

Tagging/grouping helps keep all your information easily organized and any note is quickly accessible through our powerful full text search.

Full text search!

Remember the Things that Matter, Whether Big or Small

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Save Interesting Websites

Save all your favorite webpages along with notes. Now your bookmarks are searchable and go with you on any device
Take notes on research

Take Notes on Research and Books

Take notes on presentations, classes, books read or research. Easily collect in logical groupings for later review.
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Create Lists & Plans

Store shopping lists, goals, vacation plans, favorite drinks and just about anything else you might want to write down.

Used by thousands of people to take notes on

everything from grocery lists to corporate strategy.

Notes Plus

Netric is more than a notes database, it is a tightly integrated suite of business tools allowing for one single location for all your team's important information.
  • Manage customers, service, and sales.
  • Track projects and tasks
  • Communicate through email and instant messaging
  • Manage complex schedules with shared calendars
  • Upload and share files and documents in the cloud
  • Create a searchable documentation database
  • Publish and manage all your content for web and RSS
  • Store and review notes and personal information
  • Build your own intranet (no programmers needed)
The Netric Suite