Netric CMS is simple content management for blogs, web sites, RSS feeds, media (like video), support documentation and wikis.

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Create content RSS feeds

Manage & Publish Multiple Content Feeds

Create as many different feeds as you like. Think of feeds as a logical grouping of content. For instance, if your website has two different blogs you would create a feed for each blog. Then if you want to add a "News" feed onto your site, you would do that with a different feed. Each feed has its own set of permissions, custom fields and workflows so it makes it easy to decide who gets to edit/manage what feed.

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Add Posts to Feeds

Inside each feed you create your actual content through "posts" which are just individual content entries. You can have one post or as many posts as you want. Posts can be sorted by any field but usually they are sorted when published on a website by time entered and/or author.

Content Posts
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Approval Workflow

Advanced workflows can be applied to each post allowing for common quality control procedures such as requiring a post be submitted for approval to a users manager, or even an approved editor, before it gets published to your website.

Discuss & Collaborate

Comments can be added to each content post by both internal ANT users or by public users from your website. This makes it easy to manage comments through the content manager, make sure they are appropriate and even set up a workflow process for comment review every time a user posts a comment to your content.

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