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A Document Database That is a Knowledge Base and a Wiki Combined into One

Document Database

The infocetner is a web-based documentation tool that can be used to stored customer service howto's, policies, procedures, price books, employee manuals, form libraries and more.

It's a little like your own private Wikipedia for your team.

Give netric a test drive, it's free!

Document Everything

Documenting policies, procedures, actions, goals, price books, solutions and just about everything else in the workplace is vital to efficient operations. Implementing a good documentation process provides countless benefits especially when working with groups or teams of people. Some benefits include:

  • Enhanced performance and quality
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Training for new users
  • Standardization of processes
  • Collaboration and sharing of valuable knowledge
Create Documentation
Find documents quickly

Find Solutions Quickly And Easily

In addition to our powerful full-text search which allows you to find any document like you would in Google or Bing, the Infocenter also provides powerful filtered views that can be saved. This makes tasks like finding all documents belonging to a specific user or in a particular group incredibly easy.

Discuss & Collaborate

Powerful collaboration tools make it easy to refine documents in real-time and assure information is both useful and accurate.

Asking questions, finding the author, rating, and making suggested edits is as easy as commenting on a photo in your favourite social network.

Collaborate on documents