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Calendaring Features

The very first computer was a calendar which certainly makes sense because one of our most precious assets is time - we all get the same amount, no more no less, and are responsible for managing it to the best of our abilities. Netric Calendar helps with an easy to use interface, sharing capabilities, meeting coordination, and so much more.

Event Coordination

No more haphazard email blasts asking people if a meeting is feasible. With Netric you simply list multiple potential times to meet, send out invitations, and wait for users to negotiate their own time. Each attendee simply lists their availability, and once all the times are compiled, all parties will be notified and a calendar event is created with a few simple clicks. Attendees do not need to be Netric users, they can reply in any web browser or Microsoft Outlook.

Event Coordination
Shared Calendars

Multiple Shared Calendars

Managing multiple calendars in Netric is a breeze. Create as many calendars as you want and assign each calendar a unique color to help keep everything organized as you view events. You can show or hide events for a calendar simply by unchecking that calendar.

Sharing calendars with others is a simply as clicking the options for a calendar and clicking "Share." Permissions will automatically be set to allow your shared user to view public events. However, you can fine-tune permissions to allow users to see both public and private events, and even create/delete events on your shared calendar.

Automatically Sync With Your Mobile Phone

Calendar events automatically synchronize with your phone or smart device to make sure your updated schedule is with you where ever you go.

Setup is incredibly easy on the Apple iPhone/iPad, any Google Android, Palm Pre, Nokia and many other smart devices. If your device support Microsoft Exchange, then it will natively support over-the-air synchronization with Netric. There is no software to install or cables to plug in, simply enter your Netric account details and everything else is taken care of.

Shared Calendars
Calendar week view

Multiple Dynamic Views

Events can be viewed from multiple angles when daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views.

Calendars can be reviewed individually or merged together into a single view.