What Users Are Doing Online

01/01/1970 12:33 AM | Sky Stebnicki

Ever wondered what users spend them time on when they are online?

The infographic below, created by Column Five, shows the results of a study on what people usually do with their time on the internet.

What This Means for Digital Marketers

Below are a few take-aways we gathered from the data that apply to anyone trying to market online.

1. Create Videos

With people spending 71% of their time watching videos on YouTube and Vimeo, it is clear that creating videos and putting them on social sharing websites is essential to engaging a broad audience.

2. Launch and Maintain an Email Campaign

Under the "Personal Business" stats we see that people spend a whopping 92% of their time reading and managing email. In another study done recently by Tindada 1:1, 80% of marketers report email as their strongest performing campaign. Marketers cannot afford to not be one of the voices in an inbox, but it needs to be done tastefully. With so much spam floating around it takes a very concerted effort to make sure you are sending emails that are focused on providing value to the customer rather than just advertising yourself.

3. Provide Information and Reviews About Products

Users that are shopping spend 78% of their time looking for information about a service or a product. This is a great chance to build credibility and loyalty by becoming the source of that information. Amazon.com does this very well by making sure they are the best source for anything you might want to know about a product including what other customers think. I've been known at times to go to Amazon on my phone to read reviews of products that I am considering buying while at the store. Consequently, when I go to buy something online Amazon.com is usually where I start, and more often than not, finish my shopping experience.

4. Create a Good Blog with Relevant Content

Surfers spend 92% of their time on search engines looking for information. One of the very best ways to get yourself connected with your target audience is to build a blog with lots of relevant information. Of course, there are other factors but the most important SEO strategy by far is to create good content.

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