Socially Awkward Internet Marketers

01/01/1970 12:33 AM | Sky Stebnicki

One of my all-time favorite movies is Bruce Almighty. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of watching it, the main story is about a guy who is given the power of God for a time. The scene in the clip below takes place shortly after he receives "God" powers and he hears the prayers of everyone on his block at the same time. I think it perfectly illustrates how many users, including me, increasingly feel when logging onto social networks.

Social media marketing has really become all the rage for companies recently. Now, more than ever, everyone is using the power of Social Networks to market their brand / cause / product / idea, and now, more than ever, many of them are doing it catastrophically wrong. Somehow too many people got the idea that the benefit of digital marketing is that you get to scream at more people more quickly than at any point in history.

Twitter seems to suffer the most from these self-centered socially awkward marketers. Lately I have found myself on an "Unfollow" rampage in a mad attempt to reduce all the noise and spam by companies both large and small. 

How exactly do you market on social media without spamming people then? It's simple really - it's all about engagement. Ever had a relationship with someone who never listens, always talks, and could care less what you think? We all avoid those kinds of relationships because there is too much take and too little, if any, give. That is exactly what socially awkward marketers are like.

Rather than standing in the center of a room and shouting "Me! Me! Me!" all the time, what marketers need to be doing first is listening. Before you write a single post, go find out what people are talking about. See what their questions and challenges are. Then create content that adds value to the conversation and their lives. Give more than you get and you will earn the right to ask something of them.

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